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5G, the rise of a new era, or just a hoax


None of us actually forget the days when 3G was introduced, it truly served as a revolution for all the telecommunication companies and later when 4G came it was another step towards more and more speed and less interrupted service. There’s a reason why it’s said that everyone likes more and more. Getting to hear about 5G is going to be groundbreaking enough. Since the announcement of this technology there’s a new question rising in everyone’s mind, would 5G be what it’s expected to be? Or it would be just another hype of the century?

It is said to be this year’s cold fusion. And that won’t be wastage of words to call it such. Most of the telecommunication companies call it the wireless fiber. It is said that it will be a ton times stronger and faster than the current technology we have, which is known as 4G LTE. So powerful that it will be able to project holograms in real time. Whenever there’s a new technology about to be introduced in the market specially if it’s about better speed, stability and strength a strange kind of rise in expectation of people can be seen. This rise doesn’t increase gradually but boosts like a sonic boom. This sonic boom can be crushed if you’re just told that 5G is not 5G in reality. It is just a term that is tossed in the market; the exact 5G standard technology doesn’t exist, yet. And the worst part is that it can’t be possible until we put more and more fiber optics in the ground. This revolution can’t just take place over a night. But we can’t say that… it might be possible.


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