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Network Cables that won’t squeeze


Ethernet network cables

How many of us actually remember tangling a chord and making it get un-functional, thus ending up having the entire appliance or a machine dead? The truth is we all do. Ethernet network cables are often flexible but at times very delicate at the point of their connections to the boards or the plugs. Most of the time the reason for the cable malfunctioning is the way it is plugged if an external pressure in a right angle is applied it breaks all the links within the cable thus making it totally worthless for operation. And having flexibility in the cables when it comes to networking and Ethernet cables is of paramount importance since a lot of them need to be plugged at one point and reach the other, the risk of them getting tangled or even broken is far more than the normal cables.

New Ethernet network cables are now in the town known as the stackable right angle Ethernet cables. Since they are new the next question that arises in our minds is what makes them better than the normal Ethernet cables? These cables are designed to provide Category 5e and 6e performance and are carved in such a way that they enhance the panel’s density. These cables have a right angle bend at their junctions of plugs. That gives them more strength, durability and the right amount of flexibility. And that’s not it these cables are also very affordable and on a market price. These cables fit tightly and are aiming to capture the entire Ethernet networking industry in a boom.


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