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Technology | A Tool To Analyze The Dead Packets?


Well, the technology is getting fast day by day and as it gets fast the traffic is also increasing as well. So we all know what a black hole in space is, right? It is such an enormous gravitational pull that even light particles can’t escape it. The same happens in network traffic although the phenomenon is a little different, here the network packets are either lost on their way to the consumer or they get congested on the way. And fairly there is no way one can know where the packet has gone. These things are the work fear of a data center management and any other such enterprise. So to overcome such issue a tool has been developed and has come to an effort which includes a collection of open source software’s and plugins to analyze and inspect a network deeply. With of help of these tools we can further know about the lost packets in a data center.

The software has been developed through open source information and collaboration by different other companies, it is only possible through the mutual effort such kind of software has been developed because there was simply no way to find a dead packet. Such kind of efforts in the industry should be welcomed in the industry so that we can overcome similar problems, because in the age of technology sharing is caring, and only by sharing our own research we can overcome the problems most data centers and enterprises of the similar kind encounter.


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