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Fiber Optics, and its modes

fiber optics

Cables are everywhere and they have been a constant source of connectivity of two ends right from the day when they were invented. A cable’s purpose is connectivity and transfer when it comes to the electronic one’s and soon we move to more modification of our need when we want to know how quick, that cable is in moving this information within itself. Right now the fastest cables known to humankind are the fiber optics. We all know nothing gets faster than light. If we just use this concept we can tell that the fiber optics use the light as a source of delivery. Light travels fast, and fast is good. These cables nowadays are everywhere, and we can see them in our daily life as well. However, it is divided into two types according to its mode on which it works.

If we are only concern on the general framework on which these cables are made, then it’s easy to explain. Fiber Optics has the most important core where the light flows. And then there are other layers that cover it and provide flexibility also keep it safe from the environmental factors on the outside. Generally, we can divide them into single mode and multi-mode cables. The single mode cable has a thin core and only one wavelength of light can pass through it. There’s a reason for keeping it to just one, this increases the speed of delivery and also the loss of energy is minimum. That is why phone companies and TV cable providers use this kind of a cable. Meanwhile, the multi-mode optical fibers have a larger core hence allowing multiple wavelengths of light, more than one, to pass through within them. But the ratio of distortion to it increases thus they are used for just short distances in which they can’t get tangled and the signal is not disturbed.


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