Wednesday, June 2, 2021
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FTTH aka Fiber to the Home



Today’s Era is fast.  Everything we talk about is fast. Life is fast, time is fast, and then time is money. They say if you want to check someone’s personality and its reality make them sit in front of an internet that is very slow. We all love the fast internet and huge bandwidth coupled with it. Although it is sometimes expensive and is considered to be luxurious still the users who want to do things fast or keep them in line use the services that provide them fast internet. Fast internet in today’s world is only being provided by the cables known as the fiber optic cables. These cables are fast, and like we have mentioned above. Everyone likes it fast.

FTTH, otherwise known by its full form as Fiber to the home is a service that is getting more and more usual today. It has become a prime objective for many service providers around the globe, and not just for the service providers also to the governments. Although they are not reaching every home but still everyone is aware of the advantages they are going to bring with them. Copper wires also have the ability to carry huge bandwidth but the distance is a constraint that holds them back, this is not applicable in the case of fiber optics so that’s why they are quickly replacing them in our daily lives. In its developmental years a lot of people questioned its need and asked questions about it being expensive and if there probably is a need for such cables at home. But the world has changed now and every person is using the internet more than he was merely 5-6 years ago. To meet such need there is a need to install these cables in normal lives so that they are also kept running with pace on the track.


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