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Guglielmo Marconi, father of ‘connect the world’ theory


Its natural, everything that we see today in our world was not there at some point. Things keep on evolving and newer versions replace the new ones. We live at a planet that is very big, not as compared to the others in the universe but for humans it’s big enough and the connectivity has always been an issue and everyone from the start has tried to make this globe as accessible as possible. Take Facebook’s C.E.O for example, young Mark Zuckerburg has introduced an initiative according to which he plans to “Connect the world” his plan is to work with the governments of other countries.

The companies trying to reshape the world and the governments are not tangled just for now it’s there for over a century now. If we look back we see another Mark, trying to make a point. Who is actually the first person that had the idea to connect the world from the distances? That man, is none other than the Italian physicist Guglielmo Marconi, its fascinating whenever we listen to this name first thing that comes to our mind are the radio signals. Back in 1896, Marconi was just 21 year old when he left his homeland and travelled to England, his journey didn’t end there after inventing the wireless telegraphy technique which used morse code and also making powerful friends like King of Belgium, the head of the British Post Office, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, Marconi made his trip to the U.S providing these wireless techniques to the U.S Navy, enhancing his network even more and more. And today after so much modernisation we see these wireless signals, everywhere. Whether it’s Facebook or Google, and the like it or not, all are direct descendents of Marconi.


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