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Industrial Ethernet Cables, and Their Growth



As we move forward in the world we can see that many of the industries that are running in most of them computers are there and not just one computer but multiple computers, that need to be set in form of a network and connected by Ethernet cables, these cable are of industrial use so their standard also increases according to their needs. The PoE cables, also known as the Power over Ethernet cables are ready to take over the industry. These cables are going to deliver more power and compatibility. Also, they will be able to be more flexible and cheap while installing. Their maintenance is not going to take much of an effort as well. And they are going to run with the existing devices as well.

And there is going to be a considerable increase in their market. These industrial Ethernet cables are growing at the groundbreaking 17%. And by the year 2020, it will reach a total of $941 million. The copper cables and the fiber optic cables are competing alongside the industrial Ethernet cables in this market. Fiber optics is preferred to be used in the oil and gas, and pulp and paper industries because it doesn’t interfere with the electromagnetic or radio waves. Industrial Ethernet cables are able to handle extreme temperatures and can handle other external malfunctioning factors like chemical spills. These cables are soon going to take over all of the places where the Ethernet cable is being used and we are not far away from that time.


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