Tuesday, June 1, 2021
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Privacy & Security on the Internet



The Internet is a vast world within itself. And every single user that inhabits it is pretty much free to do anything on it. The things that can be done on it are limitless. And their uses can sometimes be beyond what we expect. If we consider the Internet to be a very big network which it is in real. We can tell that it’s easy to get up from one place in the network and reach the other. This part of the internet makes every user of it vulnerable and penetrable.

With the rise of the new era and the social networking the concerns related to the privacy and security have increased on the internet and everything that we upload no matter how secure they are, somehow remain in the reach of the people who know or learn how to breach these secure walls. Just to get attention from other people on the internet many users put the details that are personal and can be used against them if someone else gets hands on them. Personal information that is put by a user can be used from anywhere and from anyone. These details can be misinterpreted or even misused for sometimes identity theft. Some social websites even sell such information of their users on high bids. The hackers are there to get those details that we put on the system so no matter if it’s is your credit card number in your phone to buy new apps from the internet or it is your health data in your iPhone everything can be hacked and can be put against you. With the growing internet and its vulnerabilities, there’s also a need of awareness that is so far, nowhere to be seen.


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