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Pros and Cons of cable broadband



Internet is everywhere, and it has different types. There are also different types by which we can get connected to it. Mainly it’s divided into two ways, one is wirelessly and the other is with a wire. Now these wires also have different types and kinds and have the ability to provide us internet with different speed and accuracy. One of the kinds in them is the cable broadband which has actually revolutionized the world of both the internet and its users.

Cable broadband is being used by millions of people. And there are many reasons for it. But there’s a reason for saying that everything has its pros and cons. So what possibly are going to be pros and cons of cable broadband? Let’s have a look at its disadvantages first. The entire system is not perfect, nothing is to be honest but the major issue that is faced by its users is the limitation of the bandwidth it’s more like a capacity of a car. You put more people in it, it becomes slow. Same goes for cable broadband, and it being slow on the peak hours. And to overcome this problem you’re supposed to increase the speed, if you do this it attracts more and more money roll it also involves bigger and bigger installation fees. Also if the same provider has more users it is alternatively going to make the connection slow. Right when we get sad listening to the disadvantages we get hit by the advantages it has, the pros. The pros involve it giving us the speed upto 12mbps. Same cable can be put in the TV, in the computer for internet and also in the landline for the calls. And the bundles of usage alongside it can save money of the users. All in all, cable broadband has made its mark and like it or not it is going to stay for a while.


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