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5 Reasons, For Slow WiFi

slow wifi

We all love the fast internet; nobody likes to wait for the pages to load or the videos to buffer or even for the profile at Facebook to open up. Since right now the world has moved to the next step we hardly see our devices connected to the internet via cables or Ethernet, the 21st century is dominated by the WiFi, and when Wi-Fi gets slow nothing makes sense, everything starts to slow down. But hardly people notice the reason why their internet is getting slow when using different devices connected together via WiFi. Here’s why.

First most obvious reason can be the device being way too far from the Router, this makes the signal strength get weak and if the signal strength is weak, it’s safe to assume that the internet is not going to flow perfectly. Just like the cellular signals.

Second can be the location of the router within the premises and the obstacles that fall in the way of the waves of Wi-Fi. These obstacles can be walls, windows or even the doors and that’s not it, typical furniture can also do its job in this.

Third, we would like to mention more physics of signals, there can probably be more devices of the same frequency in the area that can have an interference of a clear difference with the other router causing to be another big reason for the slow internet.

The fourth is the technology, not every device is designed to work fast or has the ability to work on a fast internet this is simple there is a reason why high-end phones are faster when it comes to surfing the internet or using the apps on Wi-Fi.

Last but not least, is again related to technology the WiFi routers are being improved with their bandwidth handling each day, companies are trying their best to get better and better with time so there can be a reason that the router being used is very old, or the model is not compatible with the required speeds of the devices.

The world is advancing and with these advancements, there is a need to meet them with proper tools and equipment so that things that we want to use and enjoy are seamless and give us the proper facility they are actually designed for.


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