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Cable internet, the good and the bad



Internet has developed a lot over the recent years and it has taken different names in different times. It has been used by various sources and by various companies. But at the end of the day internet has remained internet, same old way of connecting people and providing same facility. One of the most forms of internet is the cable internet; because the cables are spread all over the place and the subscribers get the internet from a local internet service provider. But it has its own pros and cons just like any other technology that came into being.

The pros are simple, first and foremost is the speed since the cable is uninterrupted it provides speed and more flexibility also the transfer rate is good for a user. As there is no landline involved the internet is connected smooth and no dialup is needed for it to work. Also no phone bill is included in the monthly bill of the internet. The cable internet provides the best deal for the money as they are twice as cheap as the other DSL internet. The connectivity they provide is pretty much always on and the fluctuation is not as much as the DSL or wireless internets.

At the same time having so many pros the cable internet has cons as well. When we talk about the cons the main one is that on the peak hours having other users we might not be able to get the bandwidth we are paying for. Sometimes we have to buy many other things in order to keep our internet working as the companies love giving away deals that you can’t refuse. The installation cost can sometimes also be heavy on the wallet of the subscriber.


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