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Clear WiFi signals, all over the house

Strong WIFI signals

Wires are being eliminated everywhere, no one likes getting suspended to just one place all of us like to be mobile and motile. Internet is being used by every device and every computer around the world. Even these computers and devices now are going wireless and the wires are being replaced by the Wi-Fi. But just like they say every tech has a pros and cons and the biggest con we face in case of Wi-Fi is the weak signal strength. We all face is because of many reasons and today here is another try to find out what makes the signals of a Wi-Fi router clear within our homes.

Since the signals move around in circles there is a need to place the router within the center of where we want the signals to spread around. Also if still the signals are not coming in clear there should be a broadband test ran on different timings and a peak time should be found out where the internet speed is on top. Another piece of advice is to change the channel of the router there are many apps on the internet for free that can change and tell you the most suitable channel at which your router can work. The firmware update is also there for some routers as most of the people are no aware of this that can also enhance the performance and make the signals get clearer. The companies also keep on improving their routers so there is a need to be upgraded with the make models of the router and the internet service providers can help with that. And when nothing works out the best way is to put a booster antenna on top of the router so it can work better and give more strength to the signals.


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