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Fiber Optic Cables, and Myths Related to Them

Fiber Optics

The world is not used to accepting changes when it comes to something that is there for quite a long time and everyone is just using them. We have all grown up watching things connected together and when the sort of the cables that changed over the time it was unacceptable to have them in the beginning but sooner or later everyone fits in. Same goes with the fiber optic cables, where all of the cellular and internet providing companies are trying to replace their users with the fiber optic cables there have been many other myths being developed about them over the time.

First and foremost that we come across is that fiber optic cables are expensive but now this is no longer a case. Since the manufacturing costs have gone down than the copper wires, fiber optic cables are easily available as compared to their early supply on cheaper rates. Second can be their handling when in early days it was really hard to eliminate the fiber optic cables now they can be terminated with just a little training. Third that really absorbed the attention of the users was that the fiber optic cables can’t be hacked which is not true because they are just another cables used to connect the computers to the internet or other sources hackers need to tap the network not the cable so it is possible for them to break in the user should take care of the date themselves. Last but not least many of the people thought that their infrastructure is totally different than the normal copper cables but this is not the case anymore. Their boxes and patch cables even the main layout is the same. One should not get more indulged with the myths swirling around.


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