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Fiber Optics, The Future Of Connectivity

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The future is now, everything that we have right now as not here and didn’t appear in front of us out of nowhere. Many things that science is inventing are to take the human life and what is in it one step ahead. One of the very recent changes that were done to the world of internet and connectivity are the fiber optic cables. These cables are not here just to do their jobs but are now aiming to change the face of the world. Here’s why and how.

The first thing that these cables provide are speed, everyone likes speed. The fiber optic cables were designed to give seamless connectivity and fast transmission. The best part is in no time it has taken its place getting out of the commercial buildings to every home. But the question that arises is that do we really need 1 Gbps speed for now? The answer lies within the usage as for right now there isn’t much usage going on in a normal house. A fiber optic as for now is not meeting the requirements of the users but is also providing the additional bandwidth. But why are they made at the first place? The answer is simple, to face the additional load. Where this additional load is going to come from is another simple answer, from us. Just a few years ago there was nothing in the world known as YouTube, all of the videos used to exist on the CDs or the dvds. But in the near future, this fiber optic is going to help us go virtual shopping have the virtual presence of people we want to talk to and also provide us communicate with the machinery we have. Fiber optic, for now, is very useful but in the future, its users are going to do nothing, but increase.


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