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Fiber vs Copper, The Ultimate Battle

Fiber Vs Copper


A lot of things are changing as the world is progressing towards the other ages with time, and these changes are sometimes really hard to accept. Everything gets obsolete with time and it is natural specially technology and when technology gets old newer takes its place. The recent most advanced technology that is now getting very useful and taking its place everywhere in houses and offices are the fiber optic cables. This era is a war waged between the Fiber optics and the Copper wires, reason is simple. Copper wires are everywhere and are huge in amount but Fiber optic is just like the new advanced terminator who is looking to eliminate the old school bad boy.

Fiber optics vs. copper wires is a war where we can see fiber optic dominating and here is why. First and foremost what makes fiber special is its incredible speed this was the first field where it was able to beat the normal copper wire because this uses light as a medium and nothing beats the light we all know that. They practically have the ability to provide the speed upto 10 Gbps. They also have higher data transfer rates than the copper wires. This is not it for the fiber optics these cables also provide higher security because of their infrastructure, because the leaked light can’t be deciphered. These cables can give us the luxury to be placed at longer distances as compared to the copper cables as they need boosters and other signal enhancers for the proper delivery. This is safe to say at this point that the future belongs to the fiber optic cables and copper one’s need to go out of the picture.



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