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How To Eradicate The Hazards Of Radioactive WiFi Routers

Radioactive wifi router

One of the greatest achievements of the 21st century is no doubt the internet. And now our life is dependent upon the widespread use of the internet. We can’t even think to survive even an hour without internet. Now the internet is a necessary part of our lifestyle. Everyone needs the internet in our daily life. Our homes, workplaces, offices, shops, markets are installed with WiFi routers in order to connect our portable devices with the internet. These Wifi routers emit radioactive waves which are in long run harmful to human health. They have several mild symptoms which may lead to potentially fatal diseases. These radiations impart serious effects on our several nervous system and brain. Radiation from the WiFi router possesses some irritant effect on the central nervous system of the human. In the long run, it results in fatigue, irritability, headaches, and insomnia, which arise as a result of oversized electromagnetic background. The radiation frequency is around 2.4 GHz, which is roughly the frequency of the microwave oven, but still a few thousand times less destructive.

However, we should take some important precautions in order to minimize the harmful effects.
Maintain as much distance as possible from the Wifi router. And try to avoid unnecessary use of the Wifi by turning the device off when not in use.

Avoid the use of mobile Wifi when about to sleep and keep the cell phone away from the pillow while sleeping. Adjust the device away from the sitting area of your family.

Thirdly, you can adjust the transmission power of the routers. it is not necessary to put on the most powerful level to get the best signal. An average signal level would be enough for your routine use.

You can use a box to insulate the effect of the radiation. Anti-radiation antenna boxes are available which can reduce the radiation by more than 90% and has no negative signal problem.


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