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Google, Facebook And Their Race In Fibre Optic Cables

Fibre Optic cables

Fast is a new era, everyone likes everything fast especially the speed of the connectivity and the internet. We already know that the fiber optic is right now the quickest mode of internet facility so far and is has continued to impress everyone with the mode of its travel. For a normal user like us the internet is just plugging in the Ethernet cable in the device and start using it or turning on the Wi-Fi on the smartphone devices with a single tap and start surfing but delivering this internet is a whole different story for the providers. Imagining tons of miles of cables under the ocean is a concept that is not imaginable but in reality, they do exist. Facebook and Google have now emerged to give this concept another impossible meaning.

Both of the companies have decided to collaborate and install a new system of cables on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. This is going to be the very first “Submarine” cable system that will have two ends connected as Los Angeles and Hong Kong. This is going to give us the highest network capacity to date. Both companies have come up with a name Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN). It will have 8,000 miles of the fiber optic cable all installed underneath and will have the capacity of 120 terabits per second. To put it in the language that a user can understand this is going to provide one gigabit per second download speeds for $70 per month as compared to the other present 50 megabits per second for $65 per month deals. Everyone now is looking forward to getting their hands on this new giant.


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