Thursday, April 29, 2021
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Google’s Chromecast Ultra



Everyone likes fast, especially when it comes to using the internet and everything that is related to it. We all love it when the pages that we are trying to open while surfing takes mere seconds to load and also when we get to open different links on our apps. Things are very interesting and get exciting when the streaming is also done at a very quick speed. We all love it when the videos don’t take much of a time to load up and we don’t have to look at the circles spinning up in front of us. Google has taken yet another step to make it possible by introducing the new Google Chromecast Ultra, that is a major update over its predecessor.

The all new Ultra will have a 4K support and an Ethernet port to spice things up. Costing around $69 Chromecast Ultra definitely aims to show us the new way to streaming and media consumption experiences. Mainly it will also support HDR content. If we have a look, in the beginning, the new model looks like its previous one but on the second look, it appears to not have the chrome logo but having it replaced by Google’s ‘G’ logo. Also, the onboard Ethernet support has made things more interesting as previous models needed extra connectors to have such luxury of connecting it to the router. The Chromecast Ultra also supports Dolby Vision content that means it’s an all in the high-resolution supporting tool. However, the up gradation of the TV sets is also required as its features are only going to unlock if we have a TV that supports 4K video.


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