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Difference Between Wireless Networking and Wireless Internet

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The internet is reaching us in many forms, shapes and types. And the world is moving into new ages so fast and quick that no one likes to sit at one place, everything is getting mobile from desktop pc’s to laptops and from landline phones to cell phones, everything is losing its wire, and the only purpose to make things wireless is to promote portability. The problem is the understanding now, because of so much diversity in the internet, it being in form of edge, 3G, 4G and so many other names. Having confusion is very obvious and all of the providers use this confusion for their advantage. Mixing Wireless networking and Wireless Internet, both are providing internet but as a service very different from each other.

The DSL providers remove the cables from their advertisements giving the consumers a different image of their service, but the world is, like we mentioned earlier, moving to an age where the tablets are taking place of even the laptops now. Wireless internet is definitely the most important part to complete the purpose of such device. DSL and Cable can’t give us such freedom they can only give a modem and make the house become a place to use internet wirelessly via WiFi, and this is how they use the term ‘wireless’. The wireless internet however is facing its own problems. Because of higher speed and users taking advantage of it, the fair usage policy kicks in and the companies have to put a cap on their data usage. But needless to say, wireless surely is a peak into the future and DSL so far is not able to beat it.


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