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Ethernet Cables, and what their colors mean

Ethernet Colors


The world has been dominated by the internet and internet and networking’s world was dominated by the Ethernet cables, the Ethernet cables are everywhere somewhere you find them in their normal condition and somewhere you find them in a big clan, all tangled and attached with each other supplying the networking solutions from a smaller office to a bigger towns. The Ethernet cables are of different types and are being made better and better with time regardless of the fact that the wireless internet might take over the world sooner. They also come in different colors that often confuse the users as if they’re buying the correct type or it has nothing to do with the bomb going off because of the wrong color of the wire chosen.

The question that rises in our minds is that if the cables are all the same then what is the need to give different colors to them? The answer is simple and mentioned perfectly in the bomb example mentioned above. Colors are simply used for the identification, for example if we have an office having different cables it will be really difficult to find out which wire goes where? This is why the colors are used so that you can easily tell the blue wire connects with computer A and the red one is going to be connected to computer B. Very few people know about the purpose and many believe that colors put difference in their quality and their work performance but that is clearly not true.


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