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Fiber Optics, in space


A lot of the things are meant to be created within a specific canvas and their production usually is capped by the canvas they’re built in. Art is done on some material, for example, we draw on a paper. Paper is a limit. We drive from one place to the other, distance is the limit. But bigger minds think beyond limits and there is nothing that can actually try to stop their capability to reach heights that are in other ways unreachable.

Most of the things are made in such a way that whenever we imagine them we imagine them to be fitting in nice and perfect in space. A space shuttle is a very good example of it, if we compare them to the busses that take us to from the airport terminal to another, a shuttle seems to be a better sight to have. A company has decided to touch those limits after they were done making world’s first zero gravity 3D printer and launching it to the space and into the International Space Station. It became the first 3D printer in the space. There next milestone is somewhat more interesting as they are now trying to concentrate on making the fiber optic in the zero-gravity conditions. To do this there is a co operation taking place with another company that specializes and are known for the quality of their heavy-metal glass fiber. But manufacturing such cable is a problem because the gravity we have here on our planet can disrupt its structure. The company is aiming to achieve the goal because as we speak 43% of the world’s population is online and by 2020, this ratio will increase by 5% that is going to be unmanageable with the world’s current transmission capabilities.


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