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How Internet changed our globe



The world has gone through many phases, many technologies and researches have made this globe a better place to live in. Science played its important role in always trying to make life get easier and better with time. Either it’s a wheel, helping us cover a hundred miles in days, or its electricity driving our machines to help in tasks done in hours. Every single invention has helped us to move forward but some of them in those are the ones who changed the face of the world like Newton’s laws. The Internet is one of them.

The Internet truly has made our world a different place by not just adding one thing to it but countless, the only limitation is our imagination. And the best thing it has provided me is the mobility and portability. If we spend the time to discuss what in specific then we might not be able to find enough time to do it. Internet has made us connected to the world and read news, have fun with friends by playing online games, talk to people sitting thousands of miles away, make newer friends on the social media networks, for entertainment watch films online, to soothe our soul listen to quality music, if we’re unemployed then look out for jobs, read and conduct the researches that are not available to us in other ways, pay for things we buy and also receive payments we work for, having connected with our universities and schools and colleges so that we can study online. Just because of these features, it has brought the world together and equipped us with the abilities that we were looking for earlier and were absent.


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