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How to avoid High internet bills



Everyone uses the internet unless you are living under a rock or in a cave. Even internet signals can catch you there as well. Internet usage is increasing every day and so are the bills. Internet bills are directly proportional to the usage. At times we receive an internet bill which is surprisingly high. If we compare it to our usual bill we may find it enormous. And we will unable to find any good reason for this sudden rise in the bill. Below are some reasons by which our internet bill is catered.

Always be aware of your internet package plan. AS we have signed up for different downloading limits with our service providers depending on the package, for instance, some can download a maximum of 60GB or maybe 40GB or sometimes as high as 100GB of data transfer. Most of the websites we surf on the internet are free websites as they don’t charge us anything for visiting them. However every time you hit a website you consume some portion of your data like 10-15 kb which is quite negligible.

If you download movies and discographies over the internet then this can cost you bandwidth in GB’s so you will soon run out of your allotted bandwidth and your service provider will charge you on your extra usage. Playing play station online will also cost you a lot of bandwidth.


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