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Internet, How It Works

802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless
802.11 ac: The Gigabit Generation of Wireless


We are now living in the 21st century and the entire world is connected with each other by single means of communication. The internet, it’s everywhere we see nowadays. We enter a restaurant or are having a tea in some café, coming back home, or staying at work. Our desktop PC’s, our laptops, tablets are mobiles, all equipped with this powerful tool. It is truly hard imagining life without it. But how many of us have actually thought about how it reaches us? What are the basic structures and how the internet and its different types are differentiated? In wireless condition or connected by wires. The Internet is somehow reaching us but to reach someplace you need an address.

These addresses can be referred to as the protocols in the internet’s language. The protocols of internet users are as follows. The TCP also was known as the transmission control protocol creates small packaging of the internet which later flow and reach their destination. IP, internet protocol is basically the vehicle that collects these packets and transports them. SMTP, simple mail transfer protocol is just what the name suggests is used to send and receive emails. Meanwhile, the FTP, file transfer protocol is also rooted from its word and relates to the downloading of the files from the internet. Since all of the computers use the same language, using these protocols and other protocols that are not mentioned here, the internet reaches us and different features of it are unlocked alongside, giving us the permission to make full use of it.


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