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Optical Sensors and Real Time Detection

optical sensor

The world is moving on and day by day the need for higher bandwidth is being seen all over the world. Different companies and names are trying to meet up with these bandwidth requirements. For this purpose, all new technologies and ways and gadgets are being made. It also involves the manufacturing of faster cables, new protocols, and switches that can enhance the speed and also eliminate the entire disturbance that brings about delays in the process. Recently everything is being transferred to the fiber optics as they have turned out to be promising and have met efficiently with the rising needs. But these cables also require the detection and this is now made possible with the real-time detection sensors.

Optical fiber sensing shows promise for monitoring of the condition of all the structures that are involved. In the recent advances, there has been an increase in the sampling rate by more than 5000 times, that will help enable real-time distributed measurement. This approach is termed as the Brillouin optical correlation-domain reflectometry or by its acronym BOCDR which is a distributed sensing technique with high spatial resolution, high sensitivity, and stability. In all of the Brillouin sensors, the frequency is exploited to derive strain and temperature. These sensors have also been proved out to be useful in the projects of robotics as they act as a nerve just like the nerve impulse of the human body. They can act as the electronic nerves for detecting the sense of touch, distortion, and the change in temperature.


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