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Things To Keep In Mind While Installing Network Cables


Network cable installation is not as simple as it seems as network cables are fragile and it requires some technique and care. Even though with the advancement of telecom industry and with the advent of Wi-Fi in the tech scenario the need of network cable is still there because of its better outcome and reliability. Below are some points which should be keep in mind while installing network cables to avoid error.

Think ahead: Always plan for the future, when it comes to investing a handsome amount in your office installation you should be aware of the future. Tech industry is ever changing so you should plan accordingly.

Cable management: Its best to consider cable management seriously instead of the growing attitude of it would be nice to have one. You should install cable management as it eases the odds and hurdles during maintenance and you always need more cables as initial installation does not stand much long there is always need for more. Try to develop the colour code initially so it will later help in identification of the cable.

Never install cables in parallel with electric cable: Network cables uses UTP unsheild twisted pair to work and low magnetic field is produced to achieve the communication but when you run these cables with electric cable this magnetic field is disrupted and hence results in no or noisy communication.

Always test your cabling infrastructure: Before installing the cables always check each cable with the checking tools available in the market. You should be aware of your need and always buy accordingly. You should know how much cable you need in length and what’s your nature of use is.


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