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Some Internet Solutions

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What if my Wi-Fi router is not working? Most people ask this question very often due to their slow internet and annoying speed. At the end of the day, a Wi-Fi router is a device that can have some issues but it`s not a sign to worry about. At times it is very easy to sort out the issue and sometimes it takes lots of efforts. But the first step is always about detecting the problem that is creating an issue for you.

Wi-Fi routers are available in different colors, sizes and technologies and normally the Wi-Fi routers are provided by the internet supplier. Apart from different styles and sizes, all of them share almost the same issues. Following are some of the most commonly observed problems in routers and their simple remedies as well. Have a look:

1. Wi-Fi with extreme slow speed:

The most common problem that people observe is the problem of slow internet, the internet suddenly loses all speed and becomes steady. The main reason for the problem is the lack of signals from the internet supplier or maybe your device is not able to get the signals. Even in the peak hours, people complaint to have slow internet. Your neighbor’s Wi-Fi can also interrupt your signals as well. To avoid this clash, you can change your channel range or you could turn off your router for some time and then restart it.

2. Gaming can cause connectivity issues:

If you are addicted to games then you may often face the issue in your internet connectivity. Online games are extremely attractive for the addicts. As a result of this, your internet becomes congested and creates problems for you. But as a matter of fact, this is not a big thing to worry about. The simple solution is to arrange a new router for gaming purpose and a separate one should be used for other internet stuff.

3. Overheating of your Router:

Another big issue that people face is the issue of overheating. It is a fact that once people install the router at their place, they stop taking care of the router that leads to the short lifespan of the router. Excessive use of the router can heat it up and can cause issues for you. So the best remedy is to take proper care of your router and avoid excessive use of it. Don’t forget to turn it off after every 2–3 hours.

Concluding the above:

All of the above-mentioned issues are those which are mostly observed and just by taking small precautions you can have a safe and speedy internet connection. Another important thing is to reboot the router from time to time, which enhances its efficiency. At the end of the day, it is an equipment and it can have issues in it but most of them can be resolved if you know some of the basics. Last but not the least, you should check your router properly at the time of delivery just to check any damaged part or anything like that.


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