Thursday, April 29, 2021
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Innovation in Ethernet’s Distribution System

A new version of Symatavision is being released and it is considered as a timing analysis solution which is for embedded software’s and it is designed specially by keeping in mind the time-critical ventures.

The CEO of Luxoft said “Symtavision 4.0 has a new analysis option at the functional level as well as updated features for the analysis of Ethernet networks. Both new features will significantly improve timing analysis of automotive control units, networks and distributed systems in general, the vendor promises.”

Moreover, it includes a new visualization capability in its SymTA/S toolset which is for data flow. Which is ideal for a fast running software. Apart from that, it has numerous filters which are designed so the software could work efficiently.

The CEO added “Symtavision 4.0 also includes extensions to the Ethernet network timing analyses in SymTA/S. Buffer occupancy in Ethernet switches can now be undertaken at the buffer level, allowing the validation of switch memory and thereby reducing the risk of dropped frames due to buffer overflows. This is supported in both simulation (system distribution) analysis and worst-case analysis. The addition of end-to-end jitter metrics provide an early hint as to the real-time capability of individual messages and helps to identify potential data losses at the receiver. Worst-case latency analysis has also been extended to cover Ethernet AVB and support is now provided for Autosar 4.2 Ethernet models, including SOME/IP. For CAN networks, a new dashboard is available that provides a quick overview of the status of a network. To support the automated testing of automotive ECUs and networks (CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet), both the SymTA/S TraceAnalyzer tools in Symtavision 4.0 offer the advanced comparison of actual versus target behavior, facilitating fast verification of measurements against the expected behavior from the model.”

So basically it is an outstanding innovation in the field of networking and its design is simply phenomenal.


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