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Pros and Cons of the 21st Century Trend “Artificial Intelligence”

Artificial intelligence is a 21th-century tech phenomenon which has helped humans revitalizes their energies toward collaborative thinking. Digital devices are incubated with the all-important utensils, codes, commands, and instructions so then it is left to the device to manage the situation and perform accordingly.

Humans are the best of all the creatures because they have the ability to think. Humans have cognitive skills, intellects and thought-provoking apparatus which distinguishes them from the rest of creatures.

Modern day digital devices are now levied with the extra responsibility of self-interpreting a given set of instructions. Robots are one example where the ‘distinguished creature’ can maneuver sources and resources and perform human-like activities.

How could be a machine be made to think and act accordingly? This is the question of prime importance when one wants to understand the basics of artificial intelligence.

The basic idea, theme and the principle which dictates the terms is that the gap between theory and practice is bridged so the theoretical cause is reciprocated into a product


It’s the algorithms which serve as the bottom line, the main ingredient, the food for thought, the underlying principle pertaining to artificial intelligence.

A set of numeric instructions are read and interpreted by the processing unit for a tangible output.

The machine learns from various characters and equips with the ability to interpret and read out the information for final appraisal (output).

High volumes of data including algorithms are processed and rewarded with a result.

Machines have the ability to read between the lines; they can interpret mathematical numbers, images, and figures and devise a plan of action to act accordingly.

The time span is reduced as machines can perform the task in lesser time and with less lethargy without degenerating.

A few of the many dimensions of AI include:

Neural networks:

A biologically-related paradigm helps machines go through the process of deep learning. They then become able to breed and nurture results.

Speed recognition is one aspect of neural network and deep learning.

Language processing is another dimension. Google voice is one example which is an application based on neural networking.

We don’t need to type and look out for the keywords to find the keywords, Google voice itself recognize speech and performs the task.

The word neural originates from the neurons which form the nervous system of living beings. The neurons interconnect brain with spinal cord and with the rest of the body.

Machine learning:

It’s the analytical aspect of artificial intelligence. Computers can interpret data and observe algorithms, images, figures.

Computers are good learners; they can perceive a set of instructions for an appropriate action.

Machines can perform complex mathematical operations and with ease, this is one aspect a tangible output of machine learning.

Computers have a ‘conscience’ and this conscience is used to make them read through the information and perform complex tasks.

Computer vision:

A single image or a sequence of images is interpreted by a computer. The computer has the power of seeing through an image, highlights the important aspects, perceives and encodes the various hidden patterns and performs accordingly.

Face recognition, biometrics, and forensic science are all outcomes based on the principle of ‘visionary computers’.

Cognitive computing:

Computers are made to mimic basic human reasoning. The intellectual skills of computers are explored and they are expected to perform with dignity in various circumstances.

Health care assistants are based on the principles of cognitive computing; a health care assistant will store all the useful information of a patient, which otherwise becomes difficult to handle and preserve.

A doctor will thus be in a better position to diagnose the cause and would recommend better therapies.

Cognitive is closely related to intelligence coefficient (IQ). Modern day computers are intelligent enough to resemble human brains in some respects at least.

Artificial intelligence has become a driving force because of its ability to make modern day computers more productive, thought-provoking and more sustainable than ever.

Transplantation of cognitive-like skills into machines is not something one would have expected a decade ago.

It’s a landmark and history in the making. Computers are fed with some physical or numeric layouts and they will turn the tables by performing as humans do.

Artificial intelligence is a broad-based field with unlimited dimensions yet to be explored. One thing is very much certain that computers will always perform thinking tasks but not without feeding them with instructions, unlike the human brain.

Machines will always be slaves of the human mind, they won’t be able to assort independently.

The workload is shared only, computers assistant humans in managing global affairs but it’s highly unlikely that they would ever cross a certain limit.

Still, it’s a blooming science and a prosperous industry with plenty of highs and lows still to be conquered.

Now we will have a look at some of the applications of this modern day innovation.

Conversational interface:

Artificial intelligence has reoriented and mastered the chat and messaging, software and applications.

One finds durability and flexibility and can write and speak at the same time to personify communication.

Network security:

The deep learning process is utilized to secure networks and to avoid any act of eavesdropping. AI assistant’s continues look into traffic and sort out normal and ‘unwanted’ traffic.

Surveillance of data packets is a hectic task and is managed well with AI-based applications.

Health care:

Health care assistants intervene when most required, so the patient gets the treatment in the nick of time.


Identification of customers is mandatory before going for the advert. Social media marketing is streamlined with AI-assistants who identify the need and requirement of the customer on basis of their historical search record.

Commuting and transportation:

So much time goes waste in surfing around because of traffic jams and construction sites which not only frustrates a traveler but spoils precious time.

AI-applications report customers of the wary transportation circumstances and the traveler will re-phrase his travel plan accordingly.

Transportation mechanisms are eased out too. Uber and similar online transportation (CAB) service providers have installed AI-based applications which calculate the distance to be traveled, the cost of the journey. A user just feeds the information into the application of the desired transportation company and they will be spontaneous to respond the costs, estimated time and all associated information.

Email as spams:

Who does the all-important job of sorting out the right emails for you? AI-assistant will work out on the commands given by you to be reported as junk or spam. All the unwanted emails are automated into the junk or spam folder and you only see what you desire.

Plagiarism checkers:

 Machine learning process is incorporated into the education as well. Now algorithms will help detect similarities in two or more documents and would specify the copied stuff too.

Thus the laborious job of tutors is made easy with AI-assistants in the field of educations.


Online banking is facilitated by AI-supportive software’s which encodes the customer’s signature digitally for authenticity.

Social media apps:

Social media applications use the AI-technology to identify you as an individual and then providing you with the instant opportunity to tag your friends on your profile photo or any other document or image you desire to share.

How instant and spontaneous is the response from the social media app? This won’t have been possible without algorithms being used to validate the contingency.

Smart assistants:

Software’s and programs like Siri, Alexa, and Google now help you sort your day to day activities by reminding you of your interactions.

Electronic brain is now becoming an exciting feature to make the tech industry rock and roll and is gaining momentum in all spheres of life.

You cannot just explore the advantages associated with Artificial intelligence. The neural networks, deep learning, and machine learning process have substantiated human needs and are assisting them whenever and wherever they are asked to.

Smartphones look much more compatible device with Siri, Google now, Voice-to-text features.

We find ourselves closely affiliated with AI-related technology. Whether consciously or unconsciously we are looking out for software’s or programs to support our cause, we want pressures relieved off our nerves.

 We want our job to done in ample time and in an efficient mode without relying on other humans.

We want privacy well-secured and still want our daunting tasks to be shared by a third entity.

Artificial intelligence has truly inspired tech users and they find themselves in more control over their resources.

Very less effort is required, only one needs to give the digital device a command and the device handles the rest.

Vision systems identify the ‘footprint’ of the image and the algorithms explode with a result.

Speech recognition makes a driver feel much more comfortable. He just needs to order his car to navigate through the satellite system and it shall do. The temperatures of the cars, closing, and the opening of vents required a verbal command and the AI-assistant supportive car shall do the rest by itself.

Automated vehicles are one of the most recent innovations in the field of artificial intelligence.

Driver-less cars are on their way into the market though require more processing before they can secure their position in the market.

Artificial intelligence is a sound technology, a real craftsmanship, a class act, a tech revolution which is taking control of our lives and helping out in handling and sorting out complex affairs with ease.


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