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2018 Recap of the tech innovations (IoT, 5G, SDDC, 400G Ethernet and many more)

2018 is coming to its end. The year witnessed the launch of a number of tech utensils, infrastructures, software’s, programs leading the digital world into a more auspicious, gentle and glittering settings.

Internet of things:

Every device has the already to become digital. Each non-digital entity can be made to behave, act and respond digitally. Internet of things certainly has multiple dimensions. A series of non-digital devices can be connected, are connected in fact and linked with a digital device and are controlled via the internet.

Internet of things has glamorized, secularized the computing and digital world. Smart houses, smart cars, surveillance cameras and accessories, smart cities are a few of the applications of this technology.

One would have never thought of patching up his households with a mobile app, but this has been made possible with the recent and very talented skill and technology called the internet of things.

Now it’s safe, easy and smooth to drive through a cosmopolitan city as an Internet of things has linked up the resources of the city with the smartphone device or a digital app to facilitate the user, who can easily see through the movement of traffic, availability of parking and can pre-empt scenarios and plan accordingly.

The devices which are digitally connected are hybrid structures which are reshaped to save time and allow most optimum use.

IoT is a very broad field with multiple dynamics but has truly unveiled newer trends.

Our cars, navigators, satellite communication systems are all linked up, patched with one another to serve the purpose of effective, meaningful and uninterrupted communication leading to many tangible outcomes in one go.

A single setting, a drone linked with its peers on the ground that help discovers the hidden treasures of the earth, the weather forecast and upcoming calamities and natural calamities.

The military benefits from IoT and so are we as individuals. The multifaceted field has numerous dimensions, some of which are yet to be discovered and worked upon.


The Internet is the core of modern-day connectivity, it’s the electronic signals which carry out the precious data and make digital user surf through the thick and thin of databases, search engines, magazines, articles, online books, gaming zones and so on.

5th generation internet has gained momentum in the year 2018 and has communication more abrupt and devoid of any backlashes, disturbances.

Earlier 4th generation internet connectivity was the order of the day, not to be, 5th generation is running through the optic fiber cable to further streamline the process of modern day communication.

The 4g and 5g are going in parallel but definitely, 5g has to dominate soon, because of its capacity and audacity to serve the most with determination.


Software determined data-centers are a very recent innovation. The heavy and bulky infrastructures are replaced with applications and software’s to dictate the terms. Instructions shall be streamlined and used to process, coordinate and control the flow of data and events and to make communication more effective, equivocal and up to the task.

Nobody would have thought of such a tremendous revolution in previous years. But it has happened and the quality, transparency, and security are much more supportive.

Decentralization is ensured leading to more autonomous set up within a single computing zone or a network are a few of the many benefits associated with instruction based networking.

400g Ethernet:

Ethernet is the transmission of data over a series of computers, sockets, cables and nodes and junctions so that each and every set is bonded to the central unit.

Ethernet has to complement the growing pace of the internet so that the data delivery is ensured with all the efficiency. 400g Ethernet is one latest up-to-date in the communication industry which has enabled the networking zones to be more vigilant and can be further expanded without fearing poor connectivity.

Gigabits of the data can be and is transmitted in splits seconds, over longer dimensions without incurring data loss.

The latest brand of Ethernet cables is more supportive and determined to counter nuisance of crosstalk and electromagnetic influx which is a bonus and a necessity.

Virtual reality:

Virtual reality has become more effective in delivering what is expected of it. An artificial world is illuminated, lavished and furnished so as to it looks like a real setting. Education, health and environmental studies use virtual reality to teach, treat and to locate the footprints of endangered species respectively.

3D imagery is created and displayed for instance that of a tropical rain forest in Africa and the viewer can feel as if he is really a tangible part of the setting right at his indigenous location which could be the USA, far east or far west.

A traumatic patient can enjoy streaming through the highs and lows of an entertainment zone with 3G imagery and visual display to tranquilize his mind and his mental sensations without making a single move.

Cloud computing:

Cloud computing provides qualitative transmission of computing resources provided, checked and controlled by a third party vendor at the back end.

The organization itself becomes a client in the sense that it purchases all the documents, services and, infrastructure and software upon request.

Public and private network clouds are used by hundreds and thousands of users each day and this has made the tasks of the users and network owners much more easily and sustainable.

The networking zone has to focus on the outputs and doesn’t need to bother much about harvesting services itself which is a huge relief.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is the ability of computing units to respond and work as human brains do. Computers are instructed in the form of codes, which are inputs; the device processes the information and responds with the desired action.

A machine learning process is streamlined; the digital device itself responds to the call and triggers an action.

The computers are good learners, so they are learned to perform automatically.

Artificial intelligence involves codes as the set of instructions; a machine reads the codes and interprets accordingly with a suitable action.

The intensity of tech development has increased to a greater extent in the year 2018. Many precious innovations have eased out human lives to a greater extent. We as individuals have become more dependent on technology resultantly.

Human minds have forced computers into the activity of brainstorming, thinking, perceiving the information to generate automated responses.

The growing and developing trends are sensational which has raised the levels and standards of living.

The earth has become a global village because of high-speed internet. Each and every unit of the globe is connected and apparently, nothing surfaces. Nothing is hidden; acquisition of knowledge from reliable, online sources has become a lot easier and affordable.

Internet of things has further intensified the charisma associated with the digitization. The flow of current and signals is that is required to make a device work like a pseudo-computer.

All the flavors are added to the levels which trigger the level of excitement and deep penetration into the splendid digital world.

The use, misuse of these utensils has to be avoided because nothing is good or bad in itself, it’s the use which determines the value of a product.

Being digital, doesn’t look safe and good all the times, human mind supersedes all the digital devices and applications because it’s the humans who created out such auspicious tremendous designs out of their minds, so resting back on one’s heel must be avoided.

The digital innovations must act as facilitators to support the modern day life. Relying too much on them will make a human mind lethargic.

The tech revolutions in the recent years and specifically in the year 2018, has added intensity, class, pace, quality and excitement but again a check and balance between use, abuse and overuse has to be monitored time and again.

The computers must not be dictating terms, instead, they must comply with what they are asked to do, and they are mere machines with artificially induced brains which is no way near the brains and nervous system of humans.

The artificial intelligence-based neural networks, in artificial intelligence, will always play the second fiddle, and could never lead from the front.

We have to maintain the all-important balance for most effective use of these products.

Social media apps, which are becoming more broadened each day with millions of users connecting to make healthy dawn and appealing evenings, are an outcome of the modern day tech revolution.

Artificial intelligence, algorithms, high-speed connectivity, Ethernets, all play a vital role in bringing out social media communication apps.

Again connecting too much without a valuable purpose is causing havoc. Our younger generations are becoming addicted to these communication tools that they are unable to communicate between the artificial and the real world. Hypersensitivity, depression, social withdrawal are all the consequences of overuse of such tools which are initially meant to tie people from around the globe to get engage in healthier activities for the betterment of individuals and that of societies.


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