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Standout Features of Cat5e Plenum Cables

Cat5e is the modified version of Cat5 cables as they produce more efficient results as compared to Cat5. The alphabet ‘e’ in Cat5e stands for enhanced and it’s simply because they are designed to work more flawlessly. Cat5e plenum cables basically carry as well as transmit data through a series of networks. Not only this they also have an amazing ability to tackle the radiation influx.

Ever since the modern tech cabling system has been introduced (in early 2000s) the Cat5e are one of the cables which have standout amongst the rest. No doubt, the experts have even introduced Cat6 and Cat6a but they still haven’t made Cat5e non-operational by any mean.

Moreover, Ethernet cables are rated by multinational agencies or certain designated groups with the core purpose authenticate their validity. Plenum rated cables are the certified cables which have the startling ability, credibility and validity to perform under numerous building designs. So, the Cat5e cables which are plenum rated (Cat5e plenum) are considered as the best as when it comes to the Ethernet conduction in buildings having exclusive air vents or any other diverse environment.

Cat5e plenum

The other standout features of the Cat5e plenum are as follows:

High Performance:

Cat5e plenum cables are proved to have high performance and great speed as they are perfectly suitable for 1GB applications. Not only this, they are also rated for up to 350 MHz frequency by many major companies. No doubt, the latest standard maintained by the Electronics Industries Association and Telecommunication Industries Association (EIA/TIA) for Cat5e plenum is to support 100 MHz but most of the companies have taken the standard up to 350 MHz. It also has 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge) CCA conductors for perfectly smooth conductivity.

Environment Friendly:

They are absolutely environment friendly as they don’t release any toxin or unwanted, polluted element in the surroundings. Not only this, these cables are perfect for any kind of weather as they are designed for both indoor and outdoor conditions exclusively. As there are difference between indoors and outdoors so the Cat5e plenum types make sure deal with both in the perfect manner.

Certified Cables:  

These cables can be are ETL, ELA, TIA, RoHS certified which ensure their matchless quality. However, majorly they are UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certified which guarantee the fact that they are 100% solid copper cables. The National Fire Association NFPA 90A has also made it mandatory for the users to use plenum rated cables in plenum spaces as the non-plenum cables cannot be replaced by the plenum once they are installed. So Cat5e is one of the best choices for that


Cat5e plenum cables take the advantage by their amazing ability to not catch fire easily as they produce low smoke as compared to other cables. They are also CMP rated for extreme fire safety. There is a high risk of plenum spaces to catch fire so it’s very important to use plenum cables in those spaces and for that purpose Cat5e plenum are undoubtedly best choice.

Easy Pull and Reel Boxes:

They come with both easy pull and reel boxes, which are exclusively designed for a larger payout method and flexible delivery. These boxes make it very easy for the clients to unpack, use and move the cables.


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