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What is Riser Cable: Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a Riser Cables

Riser cables:

The riser cables get the name from their ultimate functionality as they rise between floors of the multi-story buildings. These cables carry data into different spaces of a building from the main coverage point. They work as the main medium of a building’s distribution system.

They are UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certified cables which prove the fact that they are made of 100% solid copper.

They are also known as backbone cables for the fact that they are a significant component of a building’s backbone system. There are various other components of the building’s backbone system including equipment rooms, telecommunications closets, support facility and others.

Riser Cables

Let’s dig deep into various riser cables i.e. Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a.

Cat5e Riser Cables:

Cat5e riser cables are best for creating custom length horizontal network cable runs. The enhanced versions of these cables are made but they still hold a noteworthy position in the market for the following specifications.


These cables meet various standards like UL (Underwriters Laboratory) which means that they are 100% solid copper cables, TIS/EIA and CMR


The conductivity of these cables is amazing with 24 AWG bare copper conductors.

Low-Smoke Producing Jacket: 

Their jacket is proved to be CMR rated, low-smoke producing, which ensures the fact they produce less smoke in case of fire.

Cat5e Riser Cables

Cat6 Riser Cables:

Cat6 riser cables proved to work efficiently between the floors of the multi-story buildings and between the walls. They are CMR and RoHS which ensure that they are fire-resistant. The following are its specifications which make them stand out in the market.


These cables hold various certifications which ensure their high quality. They are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified cables which means that they are 100% solid copper cables. They are also CMR, RoHS, ELT, TIA and ETL (extract, transform, load) certified which ensures that they are fire résistance.

American Wire Gauge:

They hold an ultimately superior conductivity with 23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) solid bare copper conductors.

CMR rated Jacket:  

Their jacket is exclusively made to be low-smoke producing (CMR rated) in order to contain damage in case of fire.

Cat6 Riser Cables:

Cat6a Riser Cables:

Cat6a riser cables are ideal to transfer indoor data and for various security network applications. They were made exclusively to accurate network solutions with upgraded features. Following are their mind-blowing specifications which make them one of their kinds.


They are proved to have great speed as they perfectly support up to 10G-550 MHz high-speed data applications.  

Cat6a cables


These cables hold a few major certifications which are proof of their best quality. They are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified cables which means that they are 100% solid copper cables. They are TIS/EIA, UL, ISO and CMR certified which ensures that they durable and work up to the mark.

Crosstalk and Data Loss:

They have pure copper 8 conductors with FEP insulation that prevent usual crosstalk and data loss. Most of the people prefer them for this specific feature.


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