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Why Cat5e Plenum Is Ideal For Commercial Use?

The ability to communicate and transfer data efficiently through the multi-story buildings is highly essential for every kind of business to flourish. There are various options that business setups can go for while setting up wired networks. However, Cat5e plenum cables are proved to be the ideal choice for commercial use because they are designed to be high-quality cables that cut down crosstalk and have extraordinary fire-resisting abilities.

Cat5e plenum cables are the enhanced version of Cat5 cables and they are recommended to be used for high-end applications like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet. They are also certified by various associations which prove the fact that they are good quality cables with high performance and fire-resisting abilities.

Let’s dig deep into all the features which make Cat5e Plenum cables ideal for various commercial uses.

Cat5e Plenum

Overall Structure:

The overall structure of these cables matters a lot as it makes them perfect for providing an error-free yet fast connection. It is made of 24 AWG (American Wire Gauge), having four twisted pairs of wire. They come in further two types, if the wire pairs are fully covered with an extra protective layer and then another cover all around then its shielded, and if not then it comes under the category of unshielded.

Moreover, Cat5 plenum also has other twisted pairs of wire fitted inside in order to fight cross-talks and other different types of interferences. They are proved to be one of the best when it comes to fighting crosstalk as they have thick sheathing, tighlyt twisted wires and amazing conductivity. All these factors make them ideal choice businesses as their whole productivity depends on fast, error-free connections.

Cat5e plenum cables

High Performance:

As per various industrial standards including Electronics Industries Association and Telecommunication Industries Association (EIA/TIA), Cat5e Plenum is guaranteed to support networks at the performance rate of up to 1 Gigabit. They can support the networks (Gigabit Ethernet) up to 100 meters. Not only this, they have the ability to transfer data at the speed of 350 MHz, which makes it perfect for businesses to run giant networks with the best speed and no crosstalk.

Compatibility and User Friendliness:

These cables come with an extra benefit which is the fact that they are backward compatible. They are ideal for the business setups as they can easily work with the old devices thus preventing the loss of important data.  They work perfect for long distances and are extremely user friendly as they support RJ-45 connectors. The connectors make them work just fine with almost all kinds of devices on a commercial and local level.  They also withstand high temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Fire Resisting Ability:

Cat5e Plenum cables’ jackets are made of low-smoke producing PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) which prevents the spread of fire. As these cables are used in the plenum spaces of the buildings which are extremely sensitive to fire (because of more concentration of oxygen), they are made exclusively to prevent major fire hazards, especially on commercial levels.


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