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CAT6 Plenum Cables – 1000ftcables

We additionally realize a plenum link as we use Ethernet organizing link in the plenum spaces of a structure. Before we go further, let me educate you regarding the plenum spaces. Generally, plenum spaces are those spaces that lie between the floors of any structure. As we utilize these spaces for the ventilation that is the reason there is consistently proceeds with air dissemination between these spaces. Proceeds with presence of oxygen makes these spots profoundly delicate to fire occurrences. For these spots, our plenum links are an ideal decision.

A plenum space homes air courses for various ventilation, cooling, and warming frameworks. Because of the steady air courses, there is high oxygen content present in such a space making it exceptionally touchy to fire perils. Space can promptly burst into flames, and that is the place where the plenum links become possibly the most important factor. The link is a unique kind of link that is jacketed and covered with fire-retardant materials. The fire appraisals on a particularly link, are altogether tried. The coat is planned ordinarily with Teflon so it doesn’t consume off with smoke and harmful exhaust in an occasion of a fire. Thusly, this link is suggested for a plenum space.

 We produce plenum links with inventive innovation. Unique fire-retardant material use in the covering of these links which expands their safe against fire, consequently making them an ideal fit for plenum places. Plenum links have a Teflon coat that doesn’t consume off with risky smoke and blazes.


There are various sorts accessible of these links, since “Plenum Cable” is a nonexclusive term and it implies links which have Teflon coat and covered with fire-retardant material. There are various links accessible in the market like Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a. These links are sold in the main part of 1000ft.

Cat6 Plenum cables:

Class 6 plenum link or Cat6 Plenum link is correspondence multipurpose link. Its coat confines it from fire risks. As security is a genuine concern, cat6 plenum is noticing wellbeing fire guidelines. This link is planned so that it limits flares headway to just five feet. In contrast to plastic, cat6 plenum doesn’t ignite with vapor and smoke.

Cat6 plenum gives better speed so we can utilize it for some, networks like Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet. To utilize this link in your organization, the primary thing you need to decide is whether your structure has plenum spaces. The vast majority of the structure has plenum spaces, however you can take two administrations of a specialist in this matter. They additionally use Cat6 plenum in PC rooms and enormous IT communities in light of the fact that these spots have cooling frameworks and raised floor, which is appropriate for cat6 plenum.


We utilize these links in rapid PC organizations. It is likewise viable with past classifications. Here are a portion of its benefits:

  • We know Cat6 plenum to deal with high velocity up to 250 MHZ. Because of quick execution, cat6 can deal with quick Ethernet networks like Gigabit Ethernet and 10-Gigabit Ethernet. The entire plan to build up the cat6 was to praise quick organizations.
  • Cat6 has a comparable fitting and port as of cat5 and cat5e. That is the reason it connects to any port or association. Its regressive similarity makes is more easy to use.
  • Cat6 is acquiring notoriety in the systems administration industry. In the event that you need to update your organization, this link will turn out great with your overhauled network fine and dandy. Numerous independent companies are thinking about cat6 plenum for their organizations.


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