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This mini diplexer can be used for separating signals as a splitter or combining signals as a combiner. Allows off-air signals and satellite signals to be fed on a single cable. DC power pass is provided from the satellite port to the input in order to pass satellite receiver LNB voltage. This device allows you to combine your local TV signal with your satellite signal and use only one wire. (Normally 2 of these are required) Works with Dish Pro Plus. Features:  Insertion Loss In/Out-TV: 40-860MHz 1.5±1.0dB, 950-2300MHZ 15dB  Insertion Loss IN/OUT-SAT: 40-860MHz 20dB, 950-2300MHz 2±2dB  DC-Pass IN/OUT-TV: None  DC-Pass IN/OUT-SAT: 500mA. Max  Connectors: All "F" Type Diagram:

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These high quality splitters work up to 2300mhz. Extremely durable long lasting design.If you need to split your satellite TV signal into 4 outputs, these splitters have a hard to beat price and great quality.Our great prices make this an unbeatable deal Check out our great selection of everything you need at our eBay OR at our company website.Are you an installer, contractor, designer, home builder, or home enthusiast? Most of our products are available in large quantities. Just check our store! Features: These high-quality splitters feature an extremely durable, long lasting design.Diode Steered, Dual Ground Passes DC and IR from Outputs to Input (will not pass DC from input to output).When used on a satellite TV system these can be used after the receiver to split for multiple TVs. Impedance: 75 Ohms RFI: 120dB Insertion Loss (dBMax): 5-40MHz: 8.0 40-1000MHz: 8.3 1000-1750MHz: 9.5 1750-2050MHz: 10.8 2050-2300MHz: 12.6 Isolation (dB Min): Weight:0.3 lbs

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The perfect solution to a nice looking satellite dish on your home. Gloss Grey finish for a great outdoor durability. Made of rigid steel Square tube design for the best support with minimal wind flex. These mounts are the best of the best in the dish installer world. Dimensions Dish Mounting Plate : 5" x 7" Wood Mounting Plate : 5" x 2" Bracket Arm : 1.5" x 1.5" Diameter Bracket Arm : 10" x 10" Length

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The 8-Way splitter is designed for use on the SWM. Features: Frequency Range: 2-2150Mhz 1 Input & 8 outputs Could be used indoor & outdoor DIRECTV Approved

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