Wall Plate for Satellite Ribbon Cable

Wall Plate for Satellite Ribbon Cable

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This flush mounted wallplate Satellite Ribbon Cable allows for multiple wires to pass through the wall plate using 1 wide relaxed low-stress slot. The wide slot design allows for multiple audio / video lines to be accessed by using 1 wall plate. This is a very adaptable multi-use wall plate. A great solution for making your in-wall speaker cable runs look outstanding. These satellite ribbon cable wall plates can also be used for running speaker wire. This is excellent for situations where you want to keep a continuous strand from the transmitter right to the speaker without going through binding posts. Features:  Modular TV and TV-telephony standard wall plates  3-6" and gold-plated telephony contacts  High-performance F81 splices (200-058) used in 2.5GHz version plates  High-impact ABS plastic and flush-mount smooth finish  Dimensions: 2 3/4"W x 4 1/2" H  Includes matching color mounting screws


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